Online Reputation

Maintaining and Improving your Online Reputation in Social Sites

Nowadays, building your online reputation is very important thing compared to building your own reputation in the real world and how to get ahead in it. When we were young, we heard a lot of advices on how to protect our reputation and those tips do apply in building our online reputation, either personal or business social accounts. 

Social sites is one of the best online tools to publish your personal and business details. Here are the basic steps to build a good online reputation:

Put Your Best Foot Forward. The best approach to start creating social accounts is to be precise with all your personal or business information that really describes who you are or the nature of your business. Today, there are numerous social sites for you to choose from such as Facebook or Plurk. The idea is to be everywhere in the web as part of "branding" your personal or business image and create more social accounts as long as you can manage it all.

Maintain Eye Contact. If you are just starting to be known online then at this point in time, you are still an "unknown" person or business identity. The first thing to do is be a "participant" by inviting new friends, joining groups you like, inviting new friends and other online activities that will introduce you to the whole new world of cyber space.

Become Necessary. If you start to market anything online, your approach must not be like a tone of a salesperson. Instead, realign your approach that can reflect what you really are, as an individual, who enjoys interpersonal communication and have an "intuitive" connection with what the public really wants to learn about you or your business. By just being you. Therefore, if you want to make a link bait, always think about what would cause you to bite first.

Guard Your Mouth. The most important tip regarding this is that: If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all and just keep it to yourself. Doing so can harm your online reputation badly and the worst part is that you will be not only the talk of the town but by the whole world.

Avoid to be Fake. Normally, in society, one of the most hated personalities in life are liars, scam artists and thieves. As betrayers of the community, this principle is also applicable online and when you are detected by webmasters or site administrators as such then your online social accounts are banned and marked as a blacklisted person.

Guide Your Manners. Remember the Golden Rule? Well, this saying is very important and that proper etiquette or manners must be practiced especially when interacting with people online through blog comments, forum posts,  etc. Before posting any information or content in the web, do ask yourself first: "Will this information be appreciated when I post it and if it is done to me, will I be happy to read it?"

Continuously practicing these tips when building your identity or business using social sites will absolutely provide a positive result of your social campaign in the end. Maintaining a good credibility of yourself and even your business on the long run.

Experiencing Bad Reviews and Critics Online?

Have you Google any keyword from your site and found some bad links that has bad posts, reviews, false accusation or even experiencing "identity theft"? This can be a serious matter and may affect not only your personal reputation but even create a bad image for your corporate identity. Especially for corporations and businesses who have been victimized by bad publicity done by other people.

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