Thursday, April 9, 2009

How Does Social Networking and Promotion Affect You

The First Steps

Technology has really been really amazing in this current time zone... Unlike in the early 70's and up to the 90's. Communication was through snail mail and dialing the phone only. If you do have a telephone unit in your house then your the man! LOL

Now, time has made great changes in every aspect of communicating with people. From the birth of cellphones, internet boom that created emails, instant messengers, etc. While small Gameboy devices were replaced with Xbox, PS3, Wii and all sorts of gadgets that man has never ceased on inventing.

Wow, the world has really changed in terms of technology. It really has changed our lives. In fact, we now have two worlds that exist in our life. The "REAL" and the "CYBER" lives. Each a separate world of their own.

Even businesses nowadays have vastly changed. There are less salesmen who knocks on your doorstep but there are great population of online spammers and scam artist in the net. Whew, more dangerous than I thought. Getting into your own private cyber world through hacking programs and sending virus through emails. Yup! Things have been different nowadays.

Cyber World - The New Social Environment

This is the fun part. Most people are getting so hooked with these new gadgets, PC and laptops that almost a large chunk of the population around the world forgot the "REAL" world out there. Most of their time are used in front of these new technologies and have forgotten make time to socialize in the real environment. Socializing are mostly done online or through the internet. Well, that goes with business transactions as well. Which is the best part of doing business without passing through traffic during the rush hours or fly to another part of the world and be pissed off with flight delays.

MySpace versus Facebook

Actually, it was just a few months back that MySpace was one of the most famous social sites that most people do their socializing activities rather than going on gigs or parties. The more friends they get, the more famous your profile in the world of MySpace. Even in Hi5 that is the social site used in Europe or Friendster which is the site of most Asian countries. But when Facebook and Twitter started to be the talk of the cyber world, down goes the old social sites.

I read from one of a blog post that those who still have their MySpace or Friendster accounts and still uses them, they are categorized as the "poor" people. While those who are into Facebook or Twitter are the "rich" ones. Wow! I never thought of that before.

Is There a Secret Social Networking Tool

I guess that the real online scenario why Facebook and many other social sites are beginning to be on top of the cyber world is due to the fact that their website programmers have adapted new web technologies by using Web 2.0 applications and social sites are now integrating accounts to each other. Aside from the many new features that is user friendly, easier to use and various social applications embedded in each of these social sites that has make cyber life of online users to be more convenient.

I have been doing business and socializing in the web for almost 15 years and have seen the many changes in the internet world and it these major changes are quite beneficial and more easier for me to do business or promote a product, website or even market people and achieve our goals in a faster phase compared to how we conduct business online 2-3 years ago.

Social Promotion Does Apply for Both Personal and Business Goals

There are moments that I tried to develop web applications to automate tasks faster and efficiently without using black hat techniques just to get traffic to a site. Actually, one of the greatest online tools is to use Social Networking to promote products or new websites and no need to spam forum threads or send bulk emails to unknown email lists where you really don't know if the recipients are the right leads that are interested in the business that you are promoting. Wasting lots of time, effort and money.

The Cause and Effect of Social Promotion

In ending, everything is now automated and online marketing is easier achieved if you know the proper online channels or what social sites that will be helpful to achieve your goals. Whether it is personal or professional goals that you are targeting, depending on the business niche that you are promoting or the social crowd that jives with the same interests as yours.

But the biggest lesson I learned in my online marketing career is that even on the cyber world, you must be cautious in all your business or social undertakings and act as a "REAL HUMAN", being aware of the do's and dont's, as if you are in the real world. There's no big difference dealing socially in both the "real" and the "virtual" world. Be always true and honest in everything that you post online and even with all of your email correspondences. Because each posted item in the web can make you or break you in the end. The worst part here is that it can stay online forever that even your grand kids may see how you promoted yourself in the early days.

The Golden Rule still applies in the cyber world as it is in our real world... Promote yourself wisely!